The Green Witch - Mystique Moments - a world of Lotions and Potions, Crystals and Candles, and Incense, Oils and Brews in Aberdour, Fife, Scotland.

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The Green Witch is an independent service based in the ancient Celtic village of Aberdour on the shores of the Forth River in Fife Scotland. The village has always had its healing waters and local wise woman to help those who needed it, and in the past the people of Edinburgh came to Aberdour to be healed, take in the waters, the air and to get away from the problems of city life...

The Green Witch is commited to helping all those who find her by using pure and natural products from the bounty of Mother Nature just as it was and will continue to be. Enter the ancient world of lotions and potions, crystals and herbs, incense, oils and brews and let her help, heal and magickally transform your life.

Please note this web site presents life according to the Green Witch and contains a mixture of her herbal and magickal advice. You may or may not agree with what she has to say, but you have the choice to take note or click the button. This site is written by and based on the opinion of The Green Witch and what she would do if faced with any given situation. What you do with all this information is entirely up to you.

59-61 High St, ABERDOUR, Fife, Scotland. KY3 0SJ
Telephone/fax: 01383 860106

Spell for Justice

Sometimes life doesn’t go as planned and things happen outwith your control that are just simply unfair. This is the point we can call in Justice to assist. You will need a purple candle, a piece of paper, a pen and a sapphire plus the Justice Card from your Tarot pack.
Now, here’s what you do:
Write your problem on the piece of paper and the result you would like to achieve, that seems the fairest in the situation. Place this under the candle holder. Behind the candle, place the justice card and the sapphire. Now light the candle and burn on a daily basis for at least an hour until justice has been attained. I hope it helps.

Spell for Fidelity

Take a nutmeg and cut it into 4 pieces. Bury the first quarter somewhere where it can be left undisturbed, throw the second into the wind off a high building or a cliff if you live near the sea, burn the third (in your Beltane fire), and boil the last to make an elixir. Drink a sip from the liquid and then retrieve your last piece and keep it and keep it with you at all times (including putting it under your pillow at night). You have done all to ensure your partner remains true for as long as you are apart.