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Shop hours 2018

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As age and family demands put more pressure on poor old ageing body I am having to make a few changes.

Beginning with Mother’s Day 2017, the shop is closed on Sundays.

From Tuesday 4 April 2017,  we began the new opening days of Tuesday till Saturday,

Shop hours as follows:

Tues – Fri : 10.30 till 4.30 (ish) 

Saturday: 10 till 5pm (ish)

Sun – Mon: CLOSED

Thank you…and remember, these are approximate hours, considered to be guides, not rules.

If it is a cold, snowy February day and the shop has been quiet all day, I will, in all likeliness, close up and go home by 4pm!! Regulars know what I am like and ring to check on the hours I am keeping that day, but unless illness  strikes or similar, I can always guarantee we will be open at least 11am till 4pm…just don’t leave it till the last minute. Old age doesn’t come kindly and if I am to keep this place going, this old witch’s eccentricities will just have to be allowed for!

The Green Witch

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