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Shop Renovations March/April 2018

By 26th February 2018 Newsletters No Comments

It could wait no longer, even if a run-down shop is a good look for a witches shop, so we are renovating and replacing the outside woodwork and windows of the shop. This will mean packing up the front half of the shop floor to allow for the workmen.

Therefore, the shop would have been closing on Saturday 3/3 but ‘The Beast from the East’ has thrown the Joinery company into disarray which means their current work cannot be done and that knock-on effect means we cannot now be done either. The shop is now closed from

Saturday 24nd March 2018

Work began Monday morning and progress was good on the 1st day but the weather stopped work again so now we will be re-opening for definite (fingers crossed)

Friday 13th April 2018… of course!!

Please keep an eye on our Green Witch FB page for constant updates on our progress and I will get the shop back up and running as soon as I can.

The Green Witch

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