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Samhain 2017

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Where has the year gone? I cannot believe we are now at Halloween… kiddies favourite time of the year! It has been an exciting few weeks for me and has certainly taken me a good few weeks to get back into my usual routine following my magickal mystery tour, hence why the newsletter is quite late and the Vat not done yet either, but more on that later. For now, we must deal with the summer’s end and the start of winter (the Celtic meaning of Samhain, pronounced ‘sow-wain’). Mother Earth reclines for her season’s rest at this time and the wind brings the colourful leaves from the trees and into the streets. It’s a playful time too…if you had seen Helen and I when we had finished work, then stopped at my car where the stormy weather had piled the leaves only alongside… we both looked at each other, smiled then proceeded to kick leaves at each other like kids! It is also when you notice it is dark when you get up, the days always seem damp and the nights are darker earlier. The good thing about the darkness is the cosy fires indoors and the night sky outdoors…yes, the Moon and the stars are bright and sparkly and you cannot fail to stare at the sky and be amazed!! I love the crisp, dark nights when a walk in the chill of the night is positively enlivening and the heat of a bonfire is the cosiest thing in the world. With Samhain being a fire festival, this is the time for bonfires and roasting marshmallows, dunking apples and baking potatoes, home-made soup and crusty bread. Farmers spend these days bringing in the last of the crops before the winter closes in. Samhain marks the end of the Celtic year, but also the beginning, so is the time to let go of things you no longer want or no longer need, but is also a time to begin afresh. From 1st November, you can re-write your wish list and be positively encouraged by the transformation of Samhain if things have not been good so far this year.

What to do at Samhain…

The altar and home can be decorated with lots of candles in orange, black and autumnal red, a pumpkin carved and lit at the window to keep evil spirits away, salt and bread placed outside in your doorway for good spirits to enjoy a treat on their way, and a few chocolate treats for the kiddies who may come a-knocking trick-or-treating. These days, around here, they only knock on doors with pumpkins lit outside to say it is safe to call! Maybe you can even bring your fire-pit or chimera you use to keep warm in the summer through to the front and greet kids from the garden…might be fun and they can warm up whilst trick or treating… lots of people have these bowls or chimneys these days! A bonfire for Halloween…absolutely!!

This is a time for transformation and new beginnings as we enter the Celtic New year. Death is a part of life and on this night, we remember those who have departed from this plane, as we all must one day do! Light a candle in front of a photo of each of those who have died, so you can spend time thinking of them. This is also a good night for your scrying or card reading or runic reading…whatever works for you to find out what the next year holds.

Crystal for Samhain- Danburite…

This unusual and beautifully clear sparkly stone looks like quartz but is completely different and slightly pinkish in some cases, and my stone of the moment now it is back in stock after a few year’s absence, because it is not a common crystal or easily available. The points are flat tipped a bit like a chisel and bright and sparkly indeed, like ice in sunshine. It has a positive and enlivening feel and makes you feel that you can do absolutely anything, and then help you to do it…on a daily basis. Its enlivening ability fills you with energy, again making you feel you can get through anything…but I mean daily stuff that might otherwise overwhelm you. You seem to be able to think quicker and get on with stuff, seeing a way to get through issues minus the stresses and strains… in fact, it fills you with a sense of calm, so much that when you hold it and close your eyes, you can feel the calm wash over you, especially your mind… it calms the chatter!! As this is a time of transformation, this stone will help to complete the matter in hand, bringing about change…like wiping the slate clean and starting again, maybe changing direction or getting rid of stress or simply to bring about some inner peace!! I love it…from £2.00 for small tumble to £15.00 natural point

The cauldron…your Halloween tool

Any cackling witch would be unrecognisable unless she was bent over her cauldron stirring her brewing potion! All witches want their symbolic cauldron in gunmetal grey or cast iron black in pride of place, even if they only use it for incense burning! The cauldron symbolises Earth, Air, Fire and Water simply by the way it’s made in its cast iron and its 3 legs represent the three faces of women: maiden, mother and crone and the three phases of the moon: waxing, full and waning and the magickal Witch number of 3. It is the tool of magickal and spiritual transformation, so any negative issues can be written and burned at Samhain in your cauldron, helping this negative trait to be transformed. Even when you are using it, the metal is Earth, the Fire heats the Water inside and the steam it creates is Air…elemental magick indeed!! Just remember that the cauldron is a personal tool and should never be used by another. Each witch must have her own magickal cauldron and bad luck will bestow anyone using someone else’s cauldron for magickal purposes!!

We have been toiling to find more cauldrons since running out over the summertime, but hopefully they will soon be back in stock at the shop by the time we reach Samhain. Keep an eye on our fb page for stock updates!!

Talking of Cauldrons…the most majestic and active cauldron of all…

For those that don’t know, when I was setting out early on my last holiday, I was actually eloping to Gretna Green with our kids to marry my partner Alan. I was hoping that my dream to marry over the original blacksmith’s anvil in the workshop, like they have done since the 1700’s, wouldn’t turn out to be ‘tacky’ but I shed a tear during the ceremony as it was just perfect. We were married by the Registrar, then hand-fasted over the anvil by the famous Frank, who has performed these anvil ceremonies for years. He was delighted that I had my wedding dress made in tartan of the clan I was marrying into…it is tradition to wear the appropriate tartan somewhere on your wedding day, or for the groom’s mum to place a sash on the bride before the ceremony, but I was the first to arrive dressed as such…!! The strike of the anvil was so loud, it surprised us both but was to seal our marriage…the whole Gretna thing was indescribable and beyond my expectation! Felt like our very souls had been joined! We then were piped out to announce to the world we had been legally joined, and we finished with a jump over the broom, so covered every angle, much to the delight of the visiting public!! After our 1st night, we set off on our magickal mystery honeymoon tour…my wedding surprise, which started in LA to acclimatise, and ended up at Pele’s Cauldron …and the ultimate place in birth, death and transformation …the beautiful island of love itself…Hawai’i.

I am actually talking of Big Island, the largest and youngest of the Hawai’ian islands, the actual island of Hawai’i. With an 11-hour time difference and containing 8 different climates in one place, this remote place in the middle of the Pacific is like nothing else on Earth. Their language is musical (loved saying the place names) and their magick is unique, as they link everything with a magickal and spiritual nature. Perhaps because it is an island still in the making, roads are built then destroyed by the volcano. Beaches disappear whilst new land is being made on a daily basis as the island transformed by Pele herself. She is the Volcano Goddess and can make her fire appear whenever and wherever she wants, transforming whatever she wants to. She protects her land too, and even I did not risk taking sand from the peridot beach I dreamt of seeing, just in case!! I didn’t even go see it so as not to even remove any by accident…such is her power!! Altars are dedicated to her and gifts left to appease her. Her land gives life and food to the island, so all is because of her on Hawai’i. Her home is the Volcano crater of Kilauea. When she is calm, Hawai’i is calm but when she goes crazy, the crater at Kilauea erupts and spits, splashes & boils. She had been quiet for weeks but she must have known I was coming and came out to play! She put on one hell of a show after dark. It was beyond comprehension seeing the boiling lava bubble and burst at sunset…and when I took a little walk towards the crater area in a quiet part away from the crowd, I was in awe to discover a fresh altar and fresh offerings to her…I was so chuffed to see actual Hawaiian magick at work!!

If you need to need to transform any part of your life, burn some Pele incense…make as follows…

Take 2 parts Frankincense, 1 part cinnamon, 1 part Red Sandalwood, 1 part orange peel and a few drops Clove oil.

Mix the ingredients together and burn on a charcoal block whilst concentrating on what needs to be sorted in your life, then create your list. Place the list in your wish box or on your altar. Charge a piece of Danburite in the Pele smoke and then empower the crystal to assist in the changes. Carry daily to help you do what needs to be done.

Halloween night…

Since my return, I have been inundated with suppliers, stock and paperwork alongside major jetlag, so have got behind in all my plans. As Halloween falls midweek this year, Tuesday at dusk till Wednesday at dusk, we will not be having any party at the shop! As far as I am concerned, any Halloween celebrations have to fall at the appropriate time!  The village pubs, the playgroup and more are all having their Halloween parties on the Saturday before, but I am not just jumping on the bandwagon! Halloween is always a quiet time for me anyway, with me hibernating for the night doing my own ‘stuff’, usually after a day’s work!

After a run of suppliers, we have lots new stock instore, with things like a new range spell candles and fairy houses, and new crystals and jewellery galore, so keep an eye on our FB page for updates as we go. The Website is undergoing some changes too, as it is far too complicated for me, so I have a winter plan to simplify things a little. Hopefully we will make it more practical and have more fun with it…better for you and for me!

Re website, remember Circle members to add your number to your username so I can recognise you and click your button…Ooo err Mrs!!

Moon times:

Full Moon:        Sat 4 Nov @ 05.23 hrs            New Moon:       Sat 18 Nov @ 11.43 hrs

Full Moon:        Sun 3 Dec @ 15.47 hrs             New Moon:       Mon 18 Dec @ 06.31 hrs

Well, better late than never…the newsletter was touch and go, but at least you now have it…not perfect but hey-enjoy Samhain and the last of the sunshine and light, as Yule and the shortest day is not too far away!!

Bright blessings from

Chris (alias the Green Witch)

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