Magickal Altar Tools

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  • Calligraphy set

    All you need for your magickal writing and sealing them…perfect

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  • Cauldron & lid lge

    A black cast iron cauldron with the triple moon goddess symbol and lid

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  • Cauldron pot-bellied & lid lge

    No witch should be without her magickal mixing pot

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  • Mini Cauldron

    I have been doing this a long time now (some days it seems like forever…) and it takes a lot to impress me, but I love these new mini cauldrons just in. They are gun-metal grey cast-iron pot-bellied cauldrons, with three legs, a lid and a star on the fron

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  • Sealing wax multi set

    Magickal sealing wax and seals for your spells

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  • Smudge stick med

    Larger smudge stick to last quite a few uses providing you remember to stub it out properly at the end of every use!! Helps keep that house cleansed

  • Smudge stick mini

    Smudge sticks are a Native American product used to cleanse an area/house of negativity as a quicker alternative to incense.
    Available as medium sized or mini