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  • Advanced 40+ Acidophilus

    Keep that older digestive system balanced…

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  • Advanced Acidophilus Plus

    Take daily to keep the digestive system balanced, especially in the war against candida

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  • Allspice whole

    Magickal: Include in incense or prosperity charms to attract money or healing
    Herbal: add to food or use as a condiment to avoid indigestion

  • Balm of Gilead

    Magickal: Carry the bud to mend a broken heart and/or attract a new love into your life. Steep the bud in red wine for an effective love drink or burn as incense to aid spirits manifestations.

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  • Benzoin resin

    Burn to purify a room, or use with cinnamon to attract custom to your business. Sold in 30gm jar
  • Black Pepper

    Magickal|: Mix with salt and sprinkle about the home to dispel any evil or negative vibrations.
    Herbal: Black pepper has always been added to food to enhance circulation, boost the immune system, eliminate toxins and improve digestion

  • Calcium Magnesium plus Boron

    I take one of these combined tablets complete with incorporated boron 3-4 times per week in addition to the minerals contained in my general multi-vitamin tablet. So, why do we need these valuable minerals and don’t we get enough from our diet?

  • Calendula (Marigold) tincture

    Calendula is an excellent traditional detoxifying, internal remedy which is helpful for external skin issues such as eczema, thrush and acne

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  • Cardamom pods

    Magickal: added to warm wine these pods will make a wonderful lust potion. Add to love incense and sachets
    Herbal: Chewing the pods or seeds will help freshen breath after garlic of similar whilst drinking the infusion can help increase appetite if lost

  • Celadrin 525mg

    Most of you will not have heard of Celadrin as it is a new supplement that has gained a lot of following very quickly. It is a natural matrix of 8 cetylated fatty acids derived from beef tallow. Celadrin is thought to work by enhancing the fluids that cus

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  • Celery Seed

    Magickal: Crush the seed, tie in a small piece of muslin, and inhale to still the conscious mind and awaken the psychic. Chewing the seeds prevents witches falling of their broom whilst in flight!!
    Herbal: Chewing the seeds can aid concentration.

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  • Chamomile & Lavender Tea Bags

    Our best selling tea-bags as an evening tea to aid good sleep