Magickal Minerals

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  • Agate Blue Lace

    For gentle people who need help in speaking out for themselves

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  • Agate Brazilian

    This fortification agate can help in astral travel and meditation.

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  • Agate Crazy-Lace

    Good for the bio-rhythmic highs and lows, as it brings them into balance and gives you high levels of energy.

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  • Agate Moss

    For ego and self-esteem, it balances the emotions and strengthens your positive traits.

  • Agate Turritella

    Use for fatigue and general health and when overcoming life’s general trial and tribulations and it is a stone for survival.

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  • Amazonite

    Another stone for the maintenance of health, Amazonite is a stone of courage to help you achieve your dreams.

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  • Amber

    Amber is actually a tree resin that solidifies and fossilises. Hints of colours come from inclusions that would have fell into the resin whilst it was still soft or air bubbles trapped within.

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  • Amethyst

    The stone of contentment dissolves stress and helps you simply to cope with life’s issues by lifting the spirits.

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  • Ametrine

    A mixture of amethyst and Citrine, it combines qualities of both stones. From £3.00

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  • Angelite

    Connected to the throat chakra, this is a stone of communication,

  • Apatite blue

    I have only ever seen blue apatite but it does come in a variety of other colours including green and yellow

  • Aquamarine

    “This is the stone if you need to “always be prepared”

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