Magickal Minerals

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  • Agate Blue Lace

    For gentle people who need help in speaking out for themselves

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  • Agate Brazilian

    This fortification agate can help in astral travel and meditation.

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  • Agate Crazy-Lace

    Good for the bio-rhythmic highs and lows, as it brings them into balance and gives you high levels of energy.

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  • Agate Turritella

    Use for fatigue and general health and when overcoming life’s general trial and tribulations and it is a stone for survival.

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  • Apatite blue

    I have only ever seen blue apatite but it does come in a variety of other colours including green and yellow

  • Bloodstone

    Use to revitalize love and friendships and to benefit the internal workings of the body.

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  • Celestite

    Celestite is such a beautiful crystal and now has come to me in a more affordable and useable form.

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  • Chalcedony

    A stone to balance body, emotions, mind and spirit, chalcedony increases mental stability and eliminates sadness.

  • Charoite polished

    This beautiful purple stone from Russia allows the heart to open to receive love

  • Chiastolite

    “Known as the Cross-stone, this averts the evil eye

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  • Chrysocolla

    This stone is totally unmistakeable with its blue/turquoise/green colour and helps women to feel their best and get the best out of their world;
    max prices for handpolished piece;
    Sm £7.50, med £12.50, lge £17.50

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  • Citrine

    The stone for health, wealth and happiness, you have to get the real stuff. I stock Madagascan and Tibetan so you know mine is real and not heat treated amethyst! Real is rare but best. Tumbles, polished shapes and Tibetan obelisks

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