Essential Oils

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  • Basil sweet Oil

    This fresh sweet-spicy oil is a great insect repellant and is great for burning/inhaling direct from a tissue when studying or driving as it clears the head and relieves fatigue and tiredness

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  • Bergamot Oil

    This refreshing lemony oil is uplifting and sunny, so burn to lift the mood of the house, inhale if you are feeling down in the dumps, or put on your pillow to help you sleep, but help you also wake up in a sunnier frame of mind.

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  • Black Pepper Oil

    This oil smells nothing like you would think. It is warm and spicy and alive

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  • Cajeput (white tea-tree) Oil

    Cajeput is another melaleuca like tea tree, so useful for helping the body fight colds, flu, chest & viral infections.  Add to baths and relax for 20 minutes

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  • Camphor Oil

    Mainly used by camphor lovers for aches and pains but helps discourage moths in wardrobes

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  • Cardamom Oil

    Cardamom has a scent to die for. People judge it by the look of the herb, which is like a strange beastie. But, the aroma is rich and sweet and luxurious, this being the most expensive spice after saffron

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  • Cedarwood Atlas Oil

    This warm, balsamic, sweet woody oil uplifts and helps relieve stress and is popular to help deter moths and spiders

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  • Chamomile Roman Oil

    This oil is nature’s anti-histamine and is great for calming children. Try it on any skin condition as it is bound to help or mix with lavender as a cure-all for skin problems

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  • Cinnamon Leaf Oil

    This oil has a warm, sweet aroma with spicy undertones. Burn to kill viruses (great with citrus too) – hence cinnamon and orange during the festive period

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  • Citronella Oil

    Not a favourite of mine but mainly used as an insect repellant and add to cedarwood for a well known mosquito repellant

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  • Clary Sage Oil

    All products have their time and Clary Sage seems much in demand at the moment – even I reach for it to calm my mood swings
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  • Clove Bud Oil

    Traditionally used for toothache…great help for my widsom teeth!!