Essential Blends

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  • Euphoria – Mood oil

    This is the aroma of my happy candles with a little added bergamot. Inhale and instantly forget your troubles…this is to be adored and will definately make things better!!

  • Exhaustion blend

    Need an energiser? Developed for mums-to-be, this will quickly help all mums, not just ant- and post natal.

  • Focus blend

    Great blend for studying or driving, just to kick the brain into gear. 5ml bottle

  • Hypnotic – Mood oil

    A favourite amongst the testers of the original “Moods and Moments” range, this delightful blend is made extra special with the addition of sultry cardamom

  • Lady Days blend

    PMT a monthly problem. Yes, we have a remedy for that too. Calm those moods and feel better fast with this special blend

  • Midgie B-Gone

    If you have ever been to Scotland during the summer, especially the west coast July/August, you will have come across the famous Midge, who, if he appears usually with thousands of his friends, can ruin your holiday. Yep, the Scottish midge is infamous!!

  • Migraines or Headaches blend

    This does exactly what it says on the tin and is loved by migraine sufferes everywhere.

  • Ragnarr’s Rest

    Blend consists of Roman Chamomile, French Lavender, Red Mandarin and Blue Yarrow, to aid sleep for the wee ones
  • Restful Sleep

    Need sleep – for you and your kids, add to bath and pillow for relaxing zzzz’s

  • Seduction – Mood oil

    Get back your Va Va Vroom with this little bottle

  • Sensual – Mood oil

    An oil to leave your partner without doubt what is on your mind tonight…and a definate for lovers of patchouli

  • Sinusitis blend

    Helps relieve the misery of Sinusitis which was bound to follow once I began to suffer from this…