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Midsummer 2017

Welcome to the longest day on 21 June, and Midsummer, though for us in Scotland, the best weather is yet to come even if the days now begin to get shorter again. Winter has certainly been dragging its heels and seems to have gone on for absolutely ever, and me for one cannot wait till the weather begins to heat up… and I mean properly, not just the odd day here and there. The hawthorn may have appeared a bit earlier than usual for Scotland but the easterly weather pattern has done us no favours at all. For this reason, I will be jetting off to find some much needed sun, hence the early newsletter so check out the shop closure later!

So back to Midsummer and what to do…

Back to the longest day – when you think of long sultry nights drinking wine and enjoying the fruits of life, when day rolls into the night and dark is very little – truly a magickal time of joy – weather permitting!! This celebration is for the sun who, at this time, has reached its full potential with the longest day after which it begins the long slow haul to midwinter. Nature should be at her peak with the gardens full of flowers, bees busy at the pollen and the fields full of crops. This was actually a time of relaxation and a pat on the back for all at the end of the hard work waiting for the harvest season to commence so have some fun as that is what is called for. Walk down the beach and let the kids play in the water. Have a BBQ with the family and just enjoy each other’s company. This is a great time to build a bonfire and sit and watch the flames whilst they cook baked potatoes or you melt marshmallows. Life at Midsummer is simple. It is simply about living and enjoying life with the people you love.

A little morning ritual to set up the day…

Our country is on its knees and every day the news is worse, and we run around at 100mph trying to be Wonder-woman and Superman in our material and mixed-up world. It is time to re-evaluate our lives and re-connect to that which is actually important, so here is a little morning ritual I do to centre myself and prepare for the day ahead… have a go and adapt as to whatever feels right for you!!

When you are ready to start the day, maybe after showering or before breakfast, stand in front of your altar. Have a favourite crystal or one that will attract whatever you feel you need just now or use a special one picked just for this ritual. If you have a crystal bowl, play it now to clear the space or put on an incense stick.

Close your eyes and centre for a moment, breathing slowly and feel the natural rhythm around you. Take your chosen crystal and hold in your hands. Feel its vibrations/pulse or simply connect with it. When you feel calm and centred, hold the crystal over your 3rd eye and say “I Am Spirit”. Take the crystal then to your left hip and say “I am Earth”, to the right shoulder “I am Water”, across to the left shoulder “I am Air” and down to the right hip “I am Fire”. Now take the crystal back to the 3rd eye to complete the pentagram and say “My Affirmation is sealed, so mote it be!” After a little practice, you may even see the elements appearing in your mind’s eye…waves crashing, clouds floating by etc. You can even occasionally take the ritual out in the sun.

The pentagram of protection is now drawn and you have called in and connected with the elements. Carry the crystal in your pocket for the rest of the day. Now put a few drops of a chosen oil in the palm of your hand (i.e. Bergamot or Geranium), close your eyes and inhale deeply, bringing to oil into your body and out into the aura. You are ready to start your new day energized and spiritually attuned to enjoy whatever surprises the day brings!!

A little herbal magick at Midsummer…

Midsummer is the time to check out your herbs and harvest any you need for your magickal work.

What about trying some old-fashioned fun things like making daisy chains with the kids. Parents probably moan about the daisies ruining their beautiful lawn, but as kids (and with no daytime TV), daisies were a source of fun in the sun. We would spend hours making tiaras and necklaces, joining these beautiful little flowers together…part of Midsummer fun. Daisy comes from the Anglo-Saxon ‘daeges eage’ which means ‘day’s eye’ because they open during the day, revealing the beautiful yellow sun in the centre, then close at dusk to hide it again. If you pick daisies between Noon and 1 o’clock on Midsummer’s day, dry and place in a yellow pouch and carry to ensure success in any venture…just write in gold pen on a piece paper what you want to achieve and include in the pouch with the daisies. At the same time, pick your St John’s wort herb, pass through incense or the flame of a yellow candle, then hang above the door for a year of happiness. If you still have last year’s bunch hung up, take it down and replace with the new and recycle the old one into the garden waste bin.

Any weddings to come…

If you are attending a forthcoming wedding, the tradition is to give a used horseshoe, painted with silver paint and threaded with ribbon for hanging to put above the front door of the house. You can decorate with lavender and yarrow sprigs, picked at Midsummer, and pink ribbon and give to the bride and groom. Maybe also pick 7 sprigs lavender, 7 sprigs of yarrow and a sprig of white heather if you can find it, tie with a pink bow and present to the bride…or even better, let the kids or grandkids do it to wish the couple a loving happy future.


The herb of remembrance…

Rosemary is another herb that you can can grow in the garden and can be picked at Midsummer. Dry the leaves over the next few weeks and keep. On a Friday with in a waxing moon, powder the herb and place in a wee jar and place a small rose quartz heart-shaped crystal on the top (or a small piece …whatever will fit in the jar) and leave. On a full moon, sprinkle a little under your bed to strengthen your relationship with your lover. Keep the rest to renew and refresh under the bed ever so often as needed.

And another…

To make your own Midsummer incense, mix together the magickal mix of lavender, rose petals, St John’s Wort, rosemary, chamomile, yarrow and heather. Put in a bag and let it synergistically blend. Add to some frankincense or copal and burn for Midsummer incense, or place in a bowl in a sunny window for a floral pot pourri (add a little lavender or ylang-ylang oil to refresh) or use the mix as natural confetti for any wedding to may be attending. A happy, loving magickal Midsummer mix indeed, made by you!!

A project for the kids… (or not)

If you are lucky enough to live by the sea and take the youngsters for a walk, find some nice round beach pebbles for the garden. These can be cleaned, painted and decorated, then painted with gold or silver markings for such ideas as “Magickal Garden” or “Fairie Garden”, “Sun Garden” and “Moon Garden” or for directions of the compass, North, South, East and West etc etc, the possibilities are endless, simply painted or fancily decorated, and finally, once dry, sealed with lacquer and put in pride of place in the garden. Simples.

Keep the beasties away…

At this time of year, those little critters come out to play as our countryside heats up. In Scotland, we have the Midge, that little pest that can ruin a walk in the country. So, here is a little tip or two to help keep them away.

Take B vitamins before you go out for a walk. Vitamin B1 is dispersed out through the skin. We cannot smell this, but midges and mossies’ etc can!! Also, never leave home without Lavender spike or my Midge repellent, Midgie B-Gone. Sprinkle a few drops of either in the hand, rub the hands together and simply wipe over hair, shoulders and clothes, and they should stay away. If you do get bitten, the lavender can be applied neat as an emergency remedy.

Crazy lace agate…from £1

I don’t reach for this stone very often, except when I feel really out of sorts and down on the world and need a lift, but we had run out of it. An odd-looking crystal, this unassuming stone from Mexico with its intricate lace design in white and red on opaque stones of many colours including brown and grey, reminds me of Paisley print and when you take time to examine the stones, they are actually quite individual and beautiful. The main thing I use them for is to balance my highs and lows when the body’s bio-rhythms get out of sync. I knew this was happening again because I spotted the bag of stones in the back of my supplier’s van from the door chucked in a corner and knew sanity was not far away as long as I re-stocked. Carrying them round just seem to re-align me and also to laugh at the ‘craziness’ that is this world at times and especially just now. I say ‘them’ because, at one point when Mercury was really screwing stuff up, I had one in each cup of my bra, plus one in each pocket and often the 5th in my hand!! This helped me laugh at issues rather than react and lose the plot. Once normality was resumed, I can put them away again for a while, till that craziness strikes again, which I am sure won’t be too far away!!

Holiday break

I will be heading off in search of sunnier climbs so we will have some temporary shop hours.

Hours will be as normal until 3 June.

The Shop will be closed Sun – Wed for the next 2 weeks and only open Thurs to Saturday, 8-10th and 15-17th June

Hours will go back to normal from 20th June when I will return to celebrate the madness of Midsummer.

What next?

On my return, I will be getting on with the production of my new line of Spell kits on the shelf. We have already produced the new “Weight Balance” spell kit a couple of weeks ago, but there will be a lot more to come.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page if you can, as we place new ideas etc on our fb page first, to get customer feedback etc, and also changes to opening hours, emergency closures, new mixes, new stock and other mad things; last week, it was a video of Helen and I dancing to The Black-Eyed Peas, “Where is the Love?” to lift the shop energies, so you could well be surprised as to what we are up to. I will also be beginning a weekly oracle section for customers too…cards to help you see what could be helpful to your week. Midsummer madness indeed to come!

Moon Times:

Full Moon:        Fri 9 Jun @ 14.10 hrs              New Moon:       Sat 24 Jun @ 03.31 hrs

Full Moon:        Sun 9 Jul @ 05.07 hrs             New Moon:       Sun 23 Jul @ 10.46 hrs

Talking of weddings and the reason I have put a little about it on this newsletter, Emma, our previous weekend girl and my Saturday assistant for years, marries this midsummer, so may we wish her and Jamie all the best, and she will be jumping a magical broomstick from the store…obviously. Good luck Ems

Bright sunny blessings from Chris (alias the Green Witch)

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