Go outside on a clear full moon night, and ask the moon to materialise your needs and wants for the forthcoming year for you. I always do this, using the power of three. So, make up a little rhyme and speak it three times to the moon and leave it to her to materialise your dreams and wishes for you. If you don’t ask, you don’t get. You have to put it up there for it to be set in motion.

We all need extra money at some point, so on each full moon, take a bowl of water out into the moonlight and capture the reflection of the moon in the water. Hold for 3 or 9 minutes, and then dip your hands into the water. Allow the water to dry on your hands and pour the water back to the earth. You are bringing the fertility of the moon into your hands.

I perform this every full moon and it has kept me afloat for years. Mind you, I always thank her every full moon as well for all she has brought during the last month. Never forget to say thank-you.

Snow and the kids…

I love snow and there is nothing like snow to bring out the child in you. Here is a few ideas for making the most of the fluffy white stuff when it comes in abundance…

  1. When you get snow, build yourself (with the kids, obviously) a snowman…and make him guardian of the gate!
  2. Take the kids sledging or along a snow beach or just play at the park. Have a snowball fight or better still, aim for a target, but when forming the snowball, visualise a bad habit and form into the snow, then throw that habit as far as you can…the smash of the snowball will help rid the habit…as long as you mean it!
  3. If you are having problems with a person, get one of these zip-seal bags (don’t know their name), write their name on a piece of paper and place in the bag, then go outside and pack the bag full of snow. Seal shut and place in the freezer. Leave in situ until the person learns to chill a bit!!
  4. If you have fresh snow, go outside and, either using your index finger or a nice long stick, write symbols in the snow for love, abundance, or anything else you wish the snow to bring and surround each symbol with a circle. Snow is frozen water, so anything you would write in the sand for the sea to take away can be written in the snow and it will be actioned as the snow melts.
  5. Check out the internet for making Ice lanterns and when the weather is really cold, have a go…they are simple but absolutely stunning, using water and balloons or old buckets.