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Mabon Newsletter 2016

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At the blink of an eye, without a long hot summer, we are back at the Equinox…I know…but we are not going to get down or depressed just because the nights now get shorter!! Time to plan to use this time constructively to move your lives forward over this autumn/winter and embrace the colourful magick of Autumn!
Embracing the season…
It is harvest time. The Goddess is, with a little luck, bringing forth plenty for the farmers, so time to reap the rewards of the summers hard work and discard what is no longer useful in our lives. Decorate your altar with some lovely fallen leaves, a pair of golden or orange candles (balance) and some collected acorns, pine cones, or even nuts in shells if you are not near a woodland or park, to mark the turning of the wheel. It is important for us all to embrace the season and where we are at in the Wheel of the Year. Time to change your duvet to the thicker one and swap your wardrobe. I have my universal clothes that stay (jeans etc) then my spring/summer/optimistic clothes; lighter layers and colours as the sun strengthens and days heats up, and this goes out at Ostara. The Equinox sees them sealed back away and exchanged for the autumn/winter/slob about cosy clothes; warm, thick, comfy layers for the longer, darker nights as we head for the colder, hibernating part of our year. There is something quite nice about changing your wardrobe and being part of the wheel, because for most of you, these simple things are all you do. I have coal fires so need to chop and dry wood, cut scrap wood for kindling and fill the bunkers at both house and shop, ready for the change of weather but for most, it is simply pressing a switch to bring the heating back on! By getting candles out, clothes swapped, coats cleaned, the duvet changed and summer sandals swapped for winter ankle boots, you are getting in tune with the movement of the Wheel.
Enjoy the magick of the season…
I love autumn. To me, watching the trees begin to change colour, then the leaves begin to fall is indeed a magickal time. Add a stormy wind that whips the leaves everywhere and you cannot fail to believe in a magickal world and the circle of life, for you are watching it before your very eyes. We can get wild and windy weather but also some last minute sunshine, so anything can happen. If the sun comes out, make the most of it. Hot enough for one last day at the beach, go for it!! If the sun shines at Mabon, maybe get that last BBQ in before you store the furniture back in the shed for the winter. Most of all, enjoy the season we are in – last of the salads, but start of British apple season…my favourite! Go out for walks with family or friends and see what you can find; hunt for any fallen acorns, pine cones, a cluster of oak leaves, moss found on a fallen branch, interesting stones or shells etc as the list of what could be useful is endless. You might even find that special fallen branch or driftwood, that will morph into your wand over winter…you don’t look, you don’t find!! Nature can be very kind and generous!
Another magickal moment is the return of the night sky. Here is Scotland, it’s lighter longer so we see little of the night sky, then suddenly you notice it getting dark and know the turn of the wheel means the stars are back!!
Enjoy the journey…
Most of the time, we walk around with our head in the clouds, or rather, with our head in a pair of headphones or our eyes fixed to a screen! I actually don’t get this. I have never done it and never will as I would consider I was missing so much of life if I did! I also think it is safer to be aware of what is happening around you too!!
In my youth, I would drive from A to B as fast as possible in my Capri 2000 …till I blew the head-something-or-other! That taught me to slow it down – especially the expensive garage bill bit!! Now I realise that life is a journey and one to be enjoyed, not simply about getting from A-B as reality-free as possible. Ok so I don’t commute for 2 hours each way either (more like 2 minutes, 10 if I walk) but we all make these life choices as part of our journey.
When I walk to work, I get to watch the flowers, trees, leaves, bees and birds, say hello to strangers on my way and give them a smile (you never know, it might just make someone’s day). I can see the sky and the clouds, the sun (or maybe not) and even the moon on occasion. I understand that my ‘commute’ is only minutes and one that I am enjoying again on my fitness schedule. A lot of people will do the same what they consider ‘uninspiring’ journey each working day and don the headphones, blocking all out with music or a digital book, but sometimes it is good to be involved with the journey. You just never know what you might see!!
I have taken to travelling a lot, and have just returned from Stockholm. There, the government has provided an island for enjoyment…how good is that! It contains museums, a fairground, tramline, a canal and lots of walkways to provide relief from the city, and greenery & fresh air for all. I have never seen so many people walking, jogging, cycling, canoeing, dog-walking and chatting with the family and friends. It was a joy to behold and not one person on a phone, unless checking their steps!! They were walking, talking and enjoying the fresh air on a Sunday morning with family and friends! It was almost in their Viking DNA to be out and about and I was viewing it all from the seat of my Dutch green bicycle complete with front witchy basket whilst cycling the area …of course!
Back to my point…life is not simply a series of destinations but making the most of our daily journeys on the way. When travelling, I look out the plane window all the time and read if it is just clouds, but keep on checking for that 1st sign of the Sea or land. On a recent trip to the US, everyone else was asleep or in headphones, but Alan and I got up to stretch our legs and saw the biggest bay of ice ever… we were flying over Hudson Bay in Canada and it was just breaking up! Wow!! It was like a jigsaw puzzle but almost bigger than Britain! We would have missed the amazing site if we hadn’t looked out of the window. It is about paying attention to NOW…because this is where you are at!!! Magick is all about us, everywhere, every day and you never know what is waiting around the corner.
Another journey saw us on a trading trail. We stopped the car and went for a wee walk in this nice space. It was warm so stopped for a while. Something flew past me at speed. What was that?? Where did it go? Watching with absolute delight, hummingbirds appeared and were playing and feeding, whizzing about all over the place! Never seen them before. So enchanted watching them, I didn’t even get chance to capture them on the phone… they were like a shooting star – there, you see it, then it’s gone… but a sight never to be forgotten.
Ever got lost, gone down the wrong road, then discover something you would never have seen or found if you hadn’t simply got lost? This is very subtle magick but magick nonetheless. Some of the best memories are made this way.
In order to see a rainbow, or a waterfall, first you have to have the rain. A rainbow can stop me in my tracks, as can the flow of a waterfall, the sound of a rushing river, a full moon, a new moon, icicles, snow falling, the smell of roses after the rain, a beautiful sunset, a mystical moonrise, a deer at the side of the road, fireworks magickally exploding or a dark sky full of stars, to name but a few. Life is full of magick and mystery and we need to pay attention to where we are so that we don’t miss it. You miss now, you miss the moment, you miss life.
Are you balanced?
This is the time when night and day are once again balanced. Is your life balanced? Is work, rest and play in equal proportions? What changes can you implement over the darker nights to make life more balanced? Time to plan and put thoughts into action on how you are going to spend the darker, longer nights implementing changes!
Personally, I am committing to continue my walking and fitness regime despite the coming in of the seasons, open my books and continue reading and of course, my writing, and for my customers, get the website sorted and give it a little much-needed TLC. It cost a lot of money to build the new website so time I made it work. Helen is going to get involved with the website forums – Circle members only, as we received too much spam when they were open to all, but we will also cover most things on Facebook too so we can have fun with all our members and our followers!!
That’s my projects, so what are you going to plan to do over the dark nights? Don’t just fester over the winter – time for you to set a project or two for yourself, so you can use time in the most effective way! You should never stop learning, reading, crafting, knitting, whatever floats your boat. Learn to cross-stitch or crochet or rekindle something you used to do and enjoy, but life got in the way! Winter was always a creative time in days gone by, so keep that mind ticking. The Earth may be starting to slumber, but don’t forget, the worms are still working away!!
Also use this season to work out where your life is going. If you are floating aimlessly through life, time to find direction. Learn the tarot over winter, or get handy with a pendulum. Also, make, remake or update your wish box – you don’t ask, you don’t get! Check out my website or ask instore for details but everyone needs a wish box!!
Pietersite – the gift of Mabon:
Pietersite is a storm stone of insight and intuition. It can help influence you into decisive action that can help bring about your hopes and dreams! I know, and all in a little blue/brown stone. Sometimes we need a push to go after what we want. This stone helps you decide what it is you want and then go get it by helping you tap into your own inner knowing! It will help you with tarot or pendulum to access your future and see clearly what you should do to make the changes. Being a stone of transformation, it is like a storm waiting to happen…it will certainly help clear the air and lift the clouds and you will know it has been through but sometimes a clear-out is exactly what is needed to uncover the truth!! Let this gift help you light your fire and change what needs to be changed to live your life your way! We have also made some transformational Mabon incense to help you tune into the magick of the Equinox, available to customers as long as stock lasts (not available to buy but simply made for this Equinox!) Sit with the incense or a divination/psychic incense and rub the stone between your fingers… and wait to see where this leads your intuition. Carry the crystal for the next 6 months and use it to help you find the insight and have the strength and energy to follow and action your dreams…go on, I dare you!! I have just been watching the Olympics and Paralympics. If you want to follow your dreams, that is the example. Some contestants at Rio were simply watching the London games, were inspired and now they are themselves winners… a little bit of faith and a lot of determination and self-belief and you can do anything you want! Go for it…life’s too short not to xx
Moon times;
Full Moon:        Fri 16 Sept @ 20.05 hrs          New Moon:       Sun 1 Oct @ 00.12 hrs
Full Moon:        Sun 16 Oct @ 04.24 hrs           New Moon:       Sun 30 Oct @ 17.39 hrs
Bright blessings from Chris (alias the Green Witch)


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