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Imbolc 2017

By 25th January 2017 Newsletters 2 Comments
Our first celebration of the wheel of the New year is Imbolc (pronounced im-olc) which means ewes milk. Lambing season is on its way and the first signs of the new season is the appearance of ewe’s milk. Birds start to get busy calling for mates, and the sap begins to rise in the trees as the days start to slightly lengthen. It is also when we celebrate the Earth beginning to wake even though we appear to still be in the depths of winter, as we see the first greenery of the snowdrops pushing through from the cold earth. These beautiful white flowers are also a symbol of Brigid (Ireland) or Bride (Scotland), who is celebrated on this day.
Brigid is the Celtic Goddess of blacksmiths, poets, midwives, childbirth and new-born babies. This is the time when the blessed Beltane babies would be being born, because love and new life is what life is actually all about. We all want to love and be loved…it’s as simple as that! Bride is the Goddess to help them safely enter this world under her cloak and the one we call to help if there are any issues at all with mum and baby…see later

What to do at this time…

Decorate your altar with 3 snowdrops if you can find them or 3 white flowers if you cannot. Imbolc is about hope for the coming year so, on this day, Brigit gives us three wishes, one Universal, one for the family and the last for you. Place a white candle (or tea-light) in a holder, dedicate it to Brigit, and light it in front of your flowers. From that candle, light 3 more and make your wishes as you light them. Preferably, perform this on the 1st but can be done in the day on the 2nd. Allow the candles to burn to the end. Think carefully about what you wish for as you only get one chance annually, so make it count and choose wisely!!

New palmstone – pink tourmaline in Lepidolite and quartz (and a bit of smoky too)

I found this fab combination in palm-stones last year but saved them especially for Imbolc and Valentine’s day! The stone feels calming and soft and loving and it pulled straight at my heart strings to open it to new emotions. It’s absolutely beautiful so, if you want to find love, maybe there’s one of these special stones waiting for you!!
Pink tourmaline attracts love and is an aphrodisiac, putting you in the mood for love. It says it’s ok to love. It helps support you to love yourself, to learn to trust yourself when it comes to loving others and then supports you in letting someone in close and sharing your life with them.  It helps you release baggage from previous relationships so you can relax and enjoy this one, assisted by Lepidolite, which helps clear the blockage from the past to move you forward to the future. Lepidolite helps you stand up and be free to make your own choices in love for you, not what others may expect your choices to be. It’s your life, so you choose the sort of person you want to spend your life with. Lepidolite will help you make that choice, that change, that transition and quartz will balance it all, and help you find the sort of love that harmonizes and balances you, the sort of love you really want so you can feel what you need to feel to love and be loved. Perfect…

Valentine’s Day Romance spray to help encourage romance…make your own

You will need a 50ml spray bottle, filled with rose water (love) or Jasmine water (passion)…or a blend of both.
You will also require a small natural cleansed ruby (playfulness and passion to a relationship) that fits into the neck of the bottle to infuse your oil.
A blend of oils appealing to you – this is your oil, not mine, so make a mix of about 20-25 drops oil including loving, passionate oils like patchouli, ylang-ylang, cardamom and geranium (or one of my Mood oils like Seduction)
Put your spray together (making a note of the recipe to repeat/alter). Then hold in your Magick Mittens and visualize the love flowing and the fireworks exploding (ding dong!) with your perfect partner or partner-type!
When you feel the love, say: Spray of love, please bring to me, Romance, passion and harmony,
                                              May my deepest love be reflected by he/she, this is my will, so mote it be
Spray in your love corner and over the bedroom at regular intervals or when things need calming or smoothing over.

A quick love spell by the sea

If you find yourself down by the water’s edge, walk along and find a nice, tumbled flat stone. You will know what you are looking for. When you find it, stand by the water’s edge. Draw a heart on the beach with the stone. Stand in the heart and hold the stone between your palms. Visualise yourself in love. Feel love. Pour those feelings into the stone. When you have seen yourself happy within a relationship, or if you have a partner, see it happy and loving and everything you want it to be. Step back from the heart on the beach. Draw an interlocking heart adjoining it, then throw the stone back to the sea. Leave the hearts to be taken by the tide. It is set

Spell Candles in store…back to making Magick by Fire

Yet again, I find myself without beeswax for candle-making and have now decided enough now. I managed to obtain 4”, 8” and mini candles for spellcasting. Colour all the way through and in all the colours we actually need, including white, and these will cover us until I can locate wax (maybe). 4” are 75p and 8” are £1.75 and you will have to anoint them with either magickal oils (available from my range at the shop) or essential oils relevant to the spell.
Instructions will be available instore with purchases or on the website…

And for me…love has surprised me in a different way

There has been much excitement in my household as we give thanks for the arrival of our very own Beltane baby. After jumping my Beltane fire, my son and his wife were delighted to find the Goddess had blessed them with a much-wanted child. This time is a special time in any couple’s life but the early arrival of a wee baby boy, born on the full moon, the magickal Wolf Moon, caused great delight in our family!!
After his birth, whilst still in the delivery room, I handed his dad a cleansed piece of jet, and instructed him to place it on baby’s belly for his protection, then pop the jet into a wee blue bag to hang over his cot once he got home. This is an old coastal practice, being from not far from Whitby where the jet is found. Protecting this baby seemed to be of great importance, yet I never actually did it for my own kids. So here are a couple of traditional blessings for a newborn baby…to be said by the parents when the baby comes home. Burn Moon or Water incense, and light a circle of candles (tea-lights are fine), one parent holds baby and the other parent or a grandparent say one of the following blessings, and seal it with a kiss…
Celtic Irish blessings:  May strong arms hold you, caring hearts tend you
                                        And may love await you at every step
And another…               May green be the grass you walk on, and blue be the skies above
                                        May pure be the joy that surrounds you, and true the hearts that you love.

A blessing for the new life ahead:

Gather together a small, pretty box, a rattle or bell (must fit in the box), a piece jet, resins of frankincense and myrrh, a silver pen, a piece parchment or hand-made paper and some silver fairy dust.
On the first New moon after your baby’s birth, (any of the 1st 3 nights) put on Moon incense when baby is nice and relaxed after a bath preferably just wrapped in a towel, hence why you have 3 nights…
  1. Line the bottom of the box with some ground frankincense and myrrh and a sprinkle of silver dust. Draw a silver boot (boy) or shoe (girl) on a piece of paper (or cut out a picture of a shoe and outline with silver) and place in the bottom of the box.
  2. Hold your piece jet in the incense, then touch baby’s belly with the jet and place on the boot in the box.
  3. Ring the bell or shake the rattle 3 times over baby. Put in the box.
  4. Now sprinkle more silver dust over the items in the box whilst saying:
My precious darling little one, your brand-new life has just begun
                        The best of your life is yet to be, so Goddess please watch over thee
                        As you journey, live long and well, and let nobody break this spell
Put the lid firmly on the box. Hide the box away where no-one can discover its whereabouts.

Blessing from Brigid for the newborn

As this is Imbolc, Brigit’s day, here is a Blessing for Brigid: Light a white candle to her, present baby and say:
       Goddess of Fire, we present to you our newest member of the family.
       We ask you to welcome him (or her) and love him, bless him and protect him.
      Watch over him as he grows, as he loves, and as he lives
      This we ask of you Brigid; may you love him and take care of him as we will
      This promise we make to you as you do to us, so mote it be
Keep a picture of baby on your altar/family mantelpiece with the white candle, and burn it whenever baby needs extra help. Thank Brigid for any help she gives you. Renew the candle and update baby’s photo every Imbolc.

Quick Sleep spell for bedtime:

Whisper (or sing) to baby when in the cot…
Close your eyes and rest your head, my little boy/girl, it’s time for bed,
Dream of love and happiness too, sleep sweetly baby, because we love you      

Moon Times:

New Moon:       Sat 28 Jan @ 00.07 hrs           Full Moon:        Sat 11 Feb @ 00.44 hrs
New Moon:       Sun 26 Feb @ 14.54 hrs           Full Moon:        Sun 12 Mar @ 14.54 hrs
They say the best jewels you’ll ever hang around your neck are the arms of your children, and that they fill a place in your heart that you never realised was empty. Take time to enjoy your kids when they are young. Don’t let their childhood pass you by because you were too busy. Enjoying your grandchildren is a pleasure to be savoured. There  is so much you can teach them with all the fun and none of the responsibility. I intend to enjoy this little soul being so close… my own little gift from the Goddess & a magickal baby indeed. After all, love is what life is all about… so without getting too soppy, let’s spread this love…a loving crystal with every shop – let’s share the love & pass it on
Joyous blessings from a very happy Nanny Witch


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