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As it was and must be again

The Village wise woman was someone who knew and dealt with the traditional ways of the old.

The practice of using folk medicine to help and heal the people around them was passed down from the wiser ones. It was not scientific but was all they had and all they could afford and indeed all they knew. This way of healing both mind and body reaches far back in time and the laboratory and store cupboard was provided by Nature herself. The old ways say that for every ailment, nature provides a cure somewhere locally. You get stung by nettles, and every child knows you just have to look around and the dockleaf is never far away.

My children all had issues with scientific medicine, and their intolerances and reactions to the world of colours, numbers, sugars within 20th century food and medicines meant I had to use these old folk ways to help my children stay well and grow. I had to go back in time and use the traditional remedies that my nanna used from her garden to cure her 11 children of their childhood illnesses. The traditional way of looking at illness was generally a body out of balance that needed to be assisted to realign itself. It you had picked up a cold, it was because you your immune system was not at its best so, by boosting the immune system with nature’s bounty such as honey, clove, cinnamon and lemon, and resting, you can let your body help itself and fight the virus. Harmony within the body and mind was restored once again. This way is not scientific; the body simply needs assistance in this stressful, chemical-ridden day and age of junk and free radicals to survive.

I used what knowledge I had to help my kids grow with home grown and produced food and home made remedies and they are now thankfully out there in the big, wide world with families of their own. This knowledge was not only passed down from the wisdom of this age, but from previous ages and from the land of spirit. My ways and the ways of the cunning folk of the past was indeed magickal and not scientific in any way.

My family hasn't used the NHS, apart from re-setting some broken bones and the odd Ibuprofen for 20 years. Think of how much we have saved the NHS, not relying on their overstrained budget to help mend the simple family health issues of 21st century living.

People started to want the things I used on my own family to help their family because my ways worked on mine. This was not for the big things like heart disease, cancer and strokes, but the small things like colds, eczema, chicken pox and spots. If I could help people help themselves to look after the little things like I had to, it would help the NHS save money and leave more time and money for doctors to look after the big things. It's a simple philosophy… I seriously believe that people should be responsible for their own body and health, and I could, in my own way with my knowledge and experience help them to try and do that.

The cunning folk of old have also used the ways of the spirit world to help. Energy is very important to me and using this energy to find balance and answers is also simple to me and something I use all the time. In the last 25 years, it has kept me well and happy and I thank the Universal world of the unseen daily.

In my world, asking Maggie what she thinks is nothing unusual. She has a whole world of knowledge in her dimension that she can tap into, find the answer and give it back to me. This is the magickal and mysterious part of my world and in my 'faith' I trust implicitly for all the answers I need. It may not be your way and that matters not a jot, but it is mine and I try and use this for the good of others who ask for my help.

A 'cottage industry' is an old fashioned term for goods produced from home by their own family using their own equipment. I am a little cottage industry, selling home made products to my customers which have all been made for and tested by my own family, passed on by recommendations by all who use them, and have done this for the past 18 years, doing things in my own little style, selling from my little shop on the shores of the Forth in the ancient Scottish village of Aberdour in Fife, which has views over the Scottish capital of Edinburgh.

And then they came…

And my world of tradition has come crashing into the EU regulations of the 21st century…and it all has to end.

One complaint brought Fife council's Trading Standards to my door… after 18 years of work.

Seems a little witch isn't allowed to make things by hand in her little kitchen and sell to her customers any more. My world of nature and magick isn't scientifically measured.

My world of nature and magick isn't scientifically analysed by the EU.

My world of nature and magick doesn't carry an EU certification.

My world of nature and magick doesn't conform to the EU downloadable document of contents.

It seems I have been analysed, tested and somewhat failed by EU regulations of trading standards.

And there it must end and my products, made by me, on my little cooker, with bottles filled by eye in my little kitchen, without their scientific testing and stamp, can no longer be sold to the public at large.

It seems pouring a fantastic EU grade of carrier oil worthy of putting my name to it, and measuring 50ml by eye is not allowed. I am like that famous pint pot – if it doesn't carry a line, then people don't know where the liquid has to end before the foam can begin!! Apparently selling a filled 50ml bottle of almond oil is not the same as selling a bottle with a measured 50ml inside…oops!!

It seems saying my cream is supplied in a 60ml jar is deceiving the customers into believing they are getting 60ml of cream when they may be getting 59ml or 61ml! Sorry…

It seems selling bars of natural organic soap by the bar counteracts the laws of this country as one customer may not get exactly the same as the next… flipping Eck…

It seems saying that my jars contain contents you have heard of goes against regulations and I can no longer state beeswax and rose water on a label but cera alba and aqua rosa. Shame on me!!

It seems local natural beeswax does not carry an EEC bee standard approved certificate and cannot be regulated by consistency of each piece… oh you bad bees…

It seems melting local beeswax and adding oils and essential oils, all standardised to the best EEC quality makes me an alchemist. I am taking substances and changing them into other substances and for that my certification of natural witchcraft does not stand and I must have a degree in Pharmaceutical something or other! Bummer!

It seems making beautiful candles from local beeswax and pure cotton wick, natural colours and fabulous quality essential oils has not passed the EU test for soot and toxicity not to mention magickal efficiency and can, therefore, be no longer made. What a bad person I am!! Back to those cheap Chinese abominations.

This is apparently fine within the confines of my own home, but not for you, the public at large. You, the great British public, must be protected from me and my traditional and magickal ways. My heart has been ripped from my chest and consumed by the fire of EEC regulations.

It is a good thing witches believe in reincarnation and rebirth of the soul.

My family, friends and customers have rescued my heart out of the bonfire of officialdom, sown it back into my chest, and given me mouth-to-mouth resuscitation… I am so not dead yet!

I am just a little cottage industry but apparently, even the little traditional Scottish cottage industry has today to follow the same regulations as Estee Lauder. To do that, I must take a whole year's turnover and use it to make my little magickal cottage industry comply with EEC regulations. It is so not going to happen!!

People have been trying to put this little witch out of business for years but we can give her new life because we have the knowledge and wisdom of the supportive regulars and all that want to help save her.

So I can go on, in my own little way, and continue making my things for me and mine, but must refrain from selling to the great British public. To continue in business, I must withdraw all my witch-carrying products from sale and protect those who might be misled by my wicked ways.

I can obviously continue with crystals and jewellery, incense sticks, books and tarot cards and all the other mystical and magickal items that come in from other sources but the general public has to be protected from my unregulated, non EU conforming products which carry no EU guarantee of outcome or content.

My website must also be withdrawn from publication because I am apparently giving my viewpoints, which is fine in a blog or on Facebook, but cannot be on a business website with products being sold on the back of that viewpoint. My world of magick and mystery is misleading and fraudulent… and the curtains of having a viewpoint within my world must be withdrawn for protection of the greater public at large.

So mote it be… but will I go away quietly? I think not.

So I must now withdraw once again behind the magickal protection of the witch's Circle.

The cirle is a well-defined but non-physical temple of safely, where secretive & magickal work can be carried out, protected and hidden from the outside world but where humans of like minds may meet within this sacred space & trust and work together for the greater good of all those inside and where the personal and Universal karmic code of "Harm none" is adhered to rather than the outside world of conformity and legislation.

Initiation is the process where a person of like interest and mind may be invited to join those within the circle to be included in and use of that work within the confines of the energy and magickal working of said space.

The altar is a special place where items deemed sacred and magickal and of value and representing the magickal nature of the elements and that which is created by magickal means within that are kept on this point of value for the greater good and consumption of all members within the circle.

To continue using the items from this magickal altar, you must now be initiated into The Circle of the Green Witch, this magickal space where the products of natural magick and mystery can be continued. All inside must adhere to the confines of the group and the non-regulated and mystical creation of contents therein.

And it be so… as it was, as it used to be and as it must now be again…

For further information on the re-birth of the Green Witch, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

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